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October 28 2014


ideal places in Egypt to strike a pose

Egypt Weddings
Egypt appears to be full of many exquisite views for a selfie, and when you are looking at romantic pictures, allow me to guarantee you the options are plenty. Below are a few of the best spots to suit your needs wedding couples and newly weds to strike a pose or two. These locations within our beloved Egypt are simply just breathtaking. People from around the globe would fall stunned to the of these sights we have in just minutes or hours from our homes.

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Mena House Oberoi

Our planet renowned hotel was location of various celebrities and continues to host some of the most exquisite events. The Pyramids being a backdrop, the lavish suites making use of their vintage gold decor, the views from your balcony, the interiors...this place is certainly one of the finest spots to capture some romantic images. After all the Churchill suite alone, ideal for pre wedding shots with the bride in or out of her dress :)

La Maison Blue

This french inspired unique boutique hotel in Gouna is now THE 'in' spot to be at as well as luckier to secure your event there. From the exquisite colorful European monorchs to the serene blue beach being a backdrop, this can be one place by the Red Sea you would see and certainly strike a pose by. Oozes, class, art as well as romance!

Al Tarfa Eco Lodge

This area. Ahhhh, romance extends back to basic. Taking images anywhere close and on this residence is breathtaking. The luxurious of the lodge indoors, every one of the colors, furnishing, the candle lit rooms, the swimming pool, the camels, the rocks, its endless!! This luxury ecolodge can be a perfect wedding for a lot of and many more so of a dream target us photographers.

El Sayadin Resturant @ Moevenpick Resort Gouna

This really is by far one of the better views in gouna not forgetting the fantastic food needless to say, this seafood resturant is one you would like to visit, maybe following the wedding. The rustic wood, the colorful furnishings as well as the beach view...priceless. This may even be an excellent pre wedding target anyone with a bridesmaids!

Gouna's Club 88

Of course this spot is renowned for its vibrant parties and outstanding panoramic views which is why this is also certainly one of my fav places to shoot. Pre wedding or post wedding, this is one shoot you'd have fun with. Wheather you decide to trash your dress or ensure that it stays, change outfits and prop them, this is a big blue spot you don't wanna miss!

Manial Palace

Ahhh, most of us photographer dream to shoot there; in the fence hugging the palace to the arabesque interiors as well as the endless historic top notch furnishings, this place is really a true gem to consider pictures within. This location however is proven to be a bit of a hassle with regards to permits and just what not, however once which is dealt with, bride and groom must spare time especially for the shoot prior or pursuing the wedding.

Marriott Zamalek

This hotel continues to be an iconic section of the city for years and years so we all appear to love its indoors up to its outdoors. The royal decor offer one of these dreamy vintage shoots some of us ladies dreamt of becoming an adult. My favorite spots to shoot the following is by the stairway (however that area can be a work with permits), also about it where there a green decorted salon having a chess floors; that is a shoot that never gets old.

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